Volunteers Needed for USGA Event

Attention all golf enthusiasts! We are excited to announce that Oak Hills Country Club, has been selected to host the prestigious 2024 U.S. Women’s Amateur Four-Ball Championship. As they prepare to welcome talented athletes from across the nation, the USGA is seeking dedicated volunteers to help make this event a memorable success. Whether you’re passionate about golf or simply eager to contribute to a thrilling local sporting event, we invite you to sign up for this exciting opportunity. Your support and enthusiasm are invaluable in ensuring an great experience for players and spectators alike.

The event will be start on Tuesday, May 7th through Wednedsay, May 15th.

You will be directed to the Volunteer Portal Registration Page.

Just CLICK on “REGISTER HERE” in the top right corner.

The uniform package costs $75, and you will get a free round and cart at Oak Hills Volunteer Day (2 shift minimum) which includes lunch and drinks!