A Work of Art

If you've ever played Brackenridge Park, you drove right past some true works of art. The “Mill Race Bridge” by San Antonio artist Diana Kersey uses 24 ceramic panels integrated into the cement guardrails of the bridge. Installed in 2011, each unique insert features designs that portray various golf scenes, referencing the historic relevance of the game to Brackenridge Park. The panels depict complex and colorful Art Deco designs in addition to hidden stylized golf balls. The center panel of each insert depicts a motif unique to Brackenridge: the golfer represented on the weather-vane of the clubhouse. The exterior uses a more decorative patterning, using geometric designs that incorporate imagery from the interior, but in a visually repetitive and rhythmic manner.

A video of Diana Kersey building one of the panels that was eventually installed at the entrance to Brackenridge Golf Course in 2011