2023/2024 Green Fees and Players Club Pricing

Greetings Valued Customer,

As a non-profit entrusted with the stewardship of the city’s golf facilities, The Alamo City Golf Trail has strived tirelessly to enhance the quality of these courses while fostering an affordable and inclusive environment for players of all levels. Through recent projects and ongoing efforts, we have transformed these spaces into more than just golf courses – they are thriving community hubs. Our accomplishments are proof of our dedication to providing top-notch facilities, fostering the growth of the game, and preserving the legacy of golf in San Antonio.

Funded solely through the revenue generated by the Alamo City Golf Trail’s operations, we have successfully completed or are currently undertaking projects totaling over $18,000,000 in reinvestment since 2021:

  1. Brackenridge Park: Installed all-new perimeter fencing, renovated all the bunkers utilizing the Better Billy Bunker system and ‘California White’ sand, and relined the ponds on holes 10, 17, and 18, contributing to the overall aesthetic and longevity of this unique feature.
  2. Cedar Creek: Renovation of the practice facility to include an expanded tee line and short game green including a bunker.
  3. Mission del Lago: Reconditioned bunkers, installed perimeter fencing, major irrigation and drainage updates, updated cart paths, cleared away large areas of brush to increase playability, and upgraded the clubhouse.
  4. Northern Hills: Newly constructed cart paths and an enlarged driving range hitting deck with a new synthetic tee line.
  5. Olmos Basin: Fully renovated the facility to include the golf course, clubhouse, a new golf cart storage facility, parking lot and drainage.
  6. Riverside 18- and 9-hole Course Renovation: A full renovation is underway restoring its charm while ensuring an even more enjoyable golfing experience for all. Beyond the course improvements, a new golf cart storage facility, a new agronomy building, a new on-course restroom, an upgraded clubhouse, new perimeter fencing, and a refurbished parking lot are part of the total facility improvements.
  7. San Pedro: A brand-new putting and chipping green, new golf carts, the expansion of cart paths, an enlarged parking lot, and the installation of permanent benches. We also built an expanded driving range hitting deck.
  8. Willow Springs: Reconditioned every bunker, repaired a failing creek retaining wall, and brightened up the environment with new parking lot lights.
  9. Trail Wide: Deployed a new fleet of golf carts, with updated drivability and new GPS units as well as consistently upgrading the agronomy equipment lineup.

As we continue to make improvements, it becomes apparent that a modest increase in green fees is necessary to sustain the high level of golfing experience that the San Antonio community deserves. Your support through these fee adjustments will not only safeguard these facilities but also contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the City of San Antonio. Increasing fees will allow us to:

  1. Enhanced Pace of Play Measures: Tee Time Intervals will be extended to a 10-minute gap between every group at every course. An engaging Marshal program will be implemented at every golf course on weekends and holidays.
  2. Future Renovation of Alamo City Golf Trail Facilities: Renovation efforts for the Cedar Creek Golf Course will commence in January 2024, and Willow Springs in December of 2024 reflecting our commitment to continuously improving the playing experience, and course infrastructure making these courses more enjoyable with greater longevity.
  3. Combat Inflation: Escalating costs of essential resources like fertilizer, seed, water, and fuel necessitate adjustments to maintain/improve the conditions of our courses.
  4. Enhance Staffing Levels and Employee Benefits: Investing in more staffing allows us to create a better golfing experience, by meeting the needs of more customers. Also, offering more competitive wages can ensure higher retention rates and a motivated team, leading to better service and higher player satisfaction. Additional enhancements to our employee retirement program, Paid Time Off (PTO), Health Insurance, and Employee Scholarship Program among others have also been implemented.
  5. Upkeep of aging Infrastructure: Our responsibility extends to the upkeep and maintenance of both our new (San Pedro) and aging facilities (Brackenridge Park’s clubhouse is over 100 years old), preserving their beauty and functionality.

The bottom line? Beginning Sunday, October 1st, we’re making slight adjustments to our green fees, with an average increase of just $0.86 on Monday-Thursday and $2.71 on Friday-Sunday for those who evenly split their play between each of our 18-hole courses, while the 18-hole cart fee will see a $1 increase per player.

We truly appreciate your support, and thank you for playing the Trail!

~Andrew Peterson, PGA
President & CEO

Green Fees – Effective Sunday, October 1, 2023

Players Club Program – Rates effective Sunday, October 1, 2023