How Do I Get Out of Wet Sand?

By Jim McLean

Playing on a course after a big soaker presents all kinds of challenges—thick rough, mud balls, slower greens, etc.—and one that bothers many is a bunker with firm, packed sand. Too often, golfers mistakenly use their standard greenside technique, only to watch the ball rocket over the green or plug into the lip. If the surface is more like cement than sugar, make these adjustments.

When you address the ball with your sand wedge or lob wedge, do not open the face. The club will interact with the sand somewhat like hitting off a cart path. It’s going to bounce off the surface, not dig, so keeping the face square helps avoid skulling the ball three fairways over. Your downswing needs to be steeper for the same reason, so adjust your stance until almost all your weight is on your front foot. You want to feel like you’re leaning toward the target. When you swing, take the club back steeply while keeping your weight on your front foot. Then swing down so the club enters the sand no more than an inch behind the ball. Because of the thickness of the sand, your follow-through will be short, with the shaft leaning toward the target—no scooping! My final piece of advice is to swing easy. The ball is going to come out faster than a normal bunker shot.