The Alamo City Golf Trail’s Vision is Beyond 2020


Happy New Year, Friends!

As we turn our eyes towards a new decade and the fortunes of what comes next for the Alamo City Golf Trail, I would be remiss to not look back at what we’ve achieved and who made it possible. Firstly, I would like to thank the scores of accommodating citizens that make up the customer base for the Alamo City Golf Trail. As I like to tell our team, without you, there is no reason for us; and for that we are fortunate and appreciative. Secondly, I would to thank the supportive group at City Hall that we have the pleasure of partnering with as well as our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of 15 supportive and involved San Antonio citizens who do a great job of holding me and our team accountable for results. Thirdly, I would like to give a large thank you and pat on the back to the staff of the Alamo City Golf Trail. We’ve got an outstanding group of dedicated and engaged  employees that enjoy providing a great golfing experience. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Jim Roschek, who is now a year into retirement. As the President and CEO of the Alamo City Golf Trail for a dozen years, Jim transformed the facilities and created a legacy that all golfers in San Antonio can be proud of.

The improvements around the Trail have been many: the award winning remodel of Historic Brackenridge Park Golf Course, six new irrigation systems, indoor and outdoor restroom refurbishment, cart paths, tee remodels, over 5000 tree plantings, the complete remodel of San Pedro, pond lining and filling, and multiple clubhouse enhancements. While we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to accomplish so much, we’re nowhere near done.

Along with our Board’s Construction Committee and the Long-Range Planning Committee, we have in excess of over $35,000,000 in projects we’ve identified important to the long-term success of the golf courses. Admittedly, this is an ambitious list, but we’re committed, engaged and eager to do whatever we can to make the San Antonio Municipal Golf Courses the best facilities in the country.

We’ve got a few projects that we will be working on this coming spring and summer. For those of you that have played Riverside recently, you’re sure to have noticed the remaining cart paths have been repaired and the pond on hole #5 has been lined and filled. Because we’re so thrilled with the way the pond project came together, we’re going to do a few more around the Trail. Be on the lookout for #7 at Riverside, #9 at Olmos Basin and #2/14 at Willow Springs. We also plan to do some irrigation work at Cedar Creek as well as rehab the driving range there. In the next month or so, you will also see the beginnings of a new Performance Center at San Pedro. The performance center will include a new building for instruction, club fitting and club repair. Joe Caruso, arguably, the best golf instructor in San Antonio, will be heading up the Instruction program for the ACGT!

While we have a team of committed employees, a detailed plan of action and a supportive Board of Directors, we need your help in fulfilling our long-term mission. I hope to engage you, our loyal and committed customers, in helping secure the continued success of the Alamo City Golf Trail. I know it’s a bold request in asking you to help, but here’s my desire:

  1. If you book a tee time, please honor it with the number of players you’ve booked for. No Show and Short Show groups continue to plague us. Providing us the names of each player in your group will also help us expedite the check-in process when your tee time is near.
  2. Play Ready Golf! Candidly, as an organization, we need to do a better job with respecting your time. Too many times this past year, we’ve been late in starting groups and have not done a good enough job with on-course marshaling. We will be better this year and you can expect to see more of an on-course staff presence. However, your help with pace of play is greatly needed. In order to maintain a four-hour pace of play, it becomes incumbent on every group to play ready golf – hit when you’re ready regardless if it’s your turn or not. Limit the time looking for lost balls, read your putts quickly, move quickly from green to tee and focus on keeping up with the group in front of you.
  3. Help us keep the golf course in better shape than the way you found it. Fix your ball mark and a few more, rake the sand traps and fill as many divots in the fairways as your sand bottle allows. In my opinion this past year we experienced improved course conditions at every course. Much of the thanks goes to Jake Snyman, our Director of Agronomy, and his crew of superintendents at each course. We’ve increased our budget for fertilizers and chemicals to improve turf conditions and to keep weeds at bay. We have also implemented a Special Projects Team of four individuals who move from course to course to help with unique projects that the normal course team are unable to accomplish in a typical week. Course conditions are important to us and with your help, they will continue to thrive.
  4. Be an advocate for your golf courses! I’d like to think of the ACGT Courses as your courses – the country club of the locals! If you have had a positive experience on the ACGT Courses, let us know. Rate us on social media, tell your friends, recruit new golfers and play more golf! Stay around the clubhouse for a coke or a beer when you finish your round, buy your golf merchandise from the clubhouse golf shops, coordinate your company golf outing at one of our courses and have a special event in one of the function areas in our clubhouses.

With full transparency, I would encourage you to reach out to me.  I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to respond as quickly as I’d like, but be patient, and I’ll get back to you.

Thank you for your continued support of the Alamo City Golf Trail!


Andrew Peterson, PGA
President & CEO
Alamo City Golf Trail