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While the USGA® develops the formula used in tabulating handicaps, it does not issue them directly to individual golfers. A USGA Handicap Index is issued through licensed golf clubs (such as The Alamo City Golf Trail) that follow all the procedures of the established USGA Handicap System.

About Your GHIN Handicap
  • GHIN Handicap System is no longer offered with the Players Club Membership. It will be a seperate $25 charge.
  • Your GHIN Handicap will not automatically renew each year, you must come to one of our Pro Shop's to renew it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I register for my official GHIN handicap?

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    Price -
    A charge of $25 per year will be required.
    You will need to come to one of our Golf Courses to renew.
    Qualifications -
    You must have a minimum of 10 different course scores with the rating and slope to apply.
    Where -
    You must pick up a registration form at any ACGT facility and return it when completed.

    I already have a GHIN number through another club, How do I transfer?

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    Procedure -
    Although you already have a GHIN Number, You will need to re-apply for GHIN at an Alamo City Golf Trail Facility, so that your existing number can be transfered to us.
    Time Frame -
    We will add your existing GHIN number to our system once we have received your GHIN form. You will be contacted by email within 3-4 weeks to confirm the transfer has been completed in the USGA's System.

    How often are Handicaps Updated?

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    Alamo City Golf Trail does not manage these updates!
    You will receive an update twice a month from the Texas Golf Association. Handicap revisions occur on the 1st and 15th of every month. You will receive an email from the TGA with your new handicap information. You may click on the link inside the email they send you to print out a copy of your handicap card.

    What happens if I post incorrect information to GHIN?

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    Who Issued Your GHIN Handicap? -
    If we issued your GHIN Handicap, please call us to fix any incorrect information you might have accidentally posted.

    If we did not issue your Handicap Number, you will need to contact the licensed golf club that issued your GHIN Handicap to make any corrections.

If you don't remember your GHIN Number or experience any problems with GHIN...

call us at (210) 212-7572

We are a USGA® Member Golf Club.