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The ACGT Tour

Compete with Fellow San Antonio Golfers

South Texas Match Play Challenge Team

2019 South Texas Match Play Challenge Team:
Back Row: Ruben Caraveo, Rene Uballe, Jerry Mulder(Alternate & Sponsor), Steve Robert, Greg Graf, Sean Vidal, Casey Carnes, Michael Freeman, Joe Workman, Jefferson Vexler.
Front Row: Travis Salkowski (Captain), Dustin Hassan, Chris Campbell, Jason Sandoval, D. Alan McFarland, Casey Graham(Asst. Captain)
NOT PICTURED - James Kohnert, Jason Bird & Jonathan Aken

The ACGT Tour is a fun and competitive year long golf series in San Antonio played on The Alamo City Golf Trail. The Tour is for golfers of all ability levels and age groups. Each event is flighted and handicapped to insure an equitable playing field. Each golfer receives his/her own idividual handicap, after just two events, based on ACGT Tour scores only. See ACGT Tour Policies below for other ACGT Tour Information.

The year is broken down into 4 seasons: The Spring, The Summer, The Playoffs and The Offseason. Points are earned based on your finish, within your flight and totaled for the season.

The Spring and the Summer represent the "regular season". The ACGT Tour Playoffs will be the culmination of the 2019 ACGT Tour regular season. The Top 50 from the Spring, The Top 50 from the Summer and The Top 20 from The Friday Skins points lists will be invited to compete in Playoff Round #1. Your starting Playoff position will be determined by your finishing spot in each of the 3 seasons (Spring+Summer+Skins). There will also be a points bonus for placing in multiple seasons. 1st Place in Spring or Summer equals 50pts, 2nd is 49pts, 3rd is 48pts and so on. 1st Place in the Skins is 20pts, 2nd is 19 and so on.

Golfers Will earn a 25 pts Bonus for finishing in the Top 50 in Both Spring and Summer. And a 50 Point Bonus for placing in the Top 50 in Spring & Summer + The Top 20 in Skins.
For example - Golfer "A", Finishes 10th in Spring, 25th in Summer and 8th in the Skins. Golfer "A" would begin the Playoffs with 129pts (40Spring, 26Summer,13Skins + 50pt Bonus)

Each Round will earn points based on finishing place. With a cut following each round:

Round #1 - 1st Place = 100Pts - 4 Flights of 30 Golfers
Round #2 - 1st Place = 150Pts - 3 Flights of 32 Golfers
Round #3 - 1st Place = 225pts - 3 Flights of 24 Golfers
Round #4 - 1st Place = 350pts - 2 Flights of 26 Golfers

The 2019 South Texas Match Play Challenge is the final event of the Fall Playoff Season.
The South Texas Match Play Challenge is an annual match-play event held between the ACGT Tour and The Houston Am. Golf Assoc.

16 golfers from each organization compete for The Challenge Cup each year. The ACGT Tour holds a 4 to 1 series lead. The 2019 South Texas Match Play Challenge will be held @ WILDCAT GC in HOUSTON, TX, in November 19'.
The Top 3 from Spring and Summer, plus the Top 7 from the final round of playoffs and 3 captains picks, will qualify for The ACGT Tour Team.

Good Luck to all golfers and we hope to see you "ON TOUR" soon!!!

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