ACGT Amateur Tour Series FAQ

  • ACGT Am Tour golf competitors and their caddies are to always observe proper golf etiquette. Any abuse or disrespect from competitors directed towards; fellow competitors, ACGT Am Tour Staff/Ambassadors, spectators, employees of the host facility or other person attending an ACGT Am Tour organized event, will be grounds for disqualification from the event, and possible rejection of entry from future ACGT Am Tour events. Such abuse may be verbal or physical or threat thereof and includes but is not limited to: the use of obscene language, physical damage to property or equipment of The ACGT Am Tour or host facility, throwing of golf clubs, and/or being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance during a competitive round.
  • The defacing or vandalism of any ACGT Am Tour property, scoring sheets, or any marketing material of any kind will lead to direct disqualification from the current ACGT Am Tour event and will carry a mandatory two event suspension from future ACGT Am Tour events.
  • During the regular season and Tour playoffs, The ACGT Am Tour will utilize scorecard playoffs for most tie breaking scenarios. The #1 handicap hole will be used to break the tie. If still tied, the #2 handicap hole will be used, and so on and so on until the tie is settled.
  • GROSS Scores will break GROSS ties. NET Scores will break NET Ties.
  • In the event of a tie, on the second round of a two day event, the 2nd round scores will be used to break ties. If golfers are tied throughout all 18 holes, the #1 handicap from round #1 will be used, and so on until tie is settled.
  • Scorecard playoffs will NOT be used for REGULAR SEASON MAJOR CHAMPIONS (PC Masters & PC Open), The Final STMPC Team Spot from The Tour Championship & FINAL SPOT TO GET IN THE HORSERACE.
  • The STMPC Challenge has 16 team members.
  • TOP 3 from Spring, TOP 3 from Summer, TOP 7 from TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP, 1 WILDCARD (most points not on team following tour championship), The HORSERACE WINNER and A Sponsor Selection.
  • In the event of a TIE for 3rd in SPRING or SUMMER, the WILDCARD spot will be eliminated.
  • In the event of a tie for 3rd in SPRING AND SUMMER, The WILDCARD spot will be eliminated and the 7th spot from The TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP will be eliminated, and only 6 spots will be available from The TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP.
  • Playing handicap to not exceed 36.

Official Unclaimed Prize Policy:

The ACGT Tour always recommends that golfers wait at the course, day of event, until your flight is complete to claim winnings. This ensures that you receive your prize/skin in the timeliest manner possible.

All unclaimed prizes will stay with the ACGT Tour Director, and be available for collection via the outlets listed below. It is the ACGT Tour Golfer's responsibility to inform the ACGT Tour Director, via email, which collection outlet they are requesting.

  • Pickup at future ACGT Tour Event within 30 days
  • USPS Mail
  • If unclaimed prize is a gift card & golfer is an Alamo City Golf Trail Players Club Member; The gift card amount can be automatically added to your Member Account.

The ACGT Tour is not responsible for lost or unclaimed prizes and will hold unclaimed prizes for 30 days after the tournament date. Following the 30-day holding period, all unclaimed prizes will be donated to The ACGT Tour South Texas Match Play Challenge Team.

  • Tee times will be emailed and posted to the ACGT Am Tour Facebook on the Thursday prior to Saturday events and the Friday before Sunday events. If the event sells out sooner, pairings and tee times may be released earlier.
  • You will receive your tee time via email you signed up with or is in our database. You can also find them on Facebook. Email Tour Commissioner Travis Salkowski at [email protected] if you believe you should have received a tee time but were not on the sheet when they are released.
  • If you are a die-hard member or employee, you need to register manually by emailing Tour Commissioner Travis Salkowski at [email protected] and be placed on the "To Pay" list. If you do not receive a confirmation in 2 business days, please follow up. You are not signed up until you receive a confirmation.
  • You can submit your average score and we will generate a temporary handicap until you have two (2) scores in the ACGT Tour database.
The 2022 ACGT Tour will utilize (up to) 4 sets of ACGT TOUR TEE MARKERS at each event. BLACK, BLUE, GREEN & WHITE. 
  • The BLACK ACGT TOUR TEES will use the course rating of the Trail course BLUE Tees.
  • The BLUE ACGT TOUR TEES will use a proprietary rating of 33% less than the course BLUE rating.
  • The GREEN ACGT TOUR TEES will use a proprietary rating of 33% more than the course WHITE rating.
  • The WHITE ACGT TOUR TEES will use the course rating of the Trail course WHITE Tees.
For the 2022 ACGT Tour Seasons, the Senior Golfer category will be eligible at 50 years of age. This aligns with the USGA Senior golfer age. 
All golfers that meet the age requirement, will have the opportunity to play from a reduced yardage set of tees. (Approx. 8% reduction)
  • Flights are determined based on the number of signed-up golfers. We try to flight 20-25 golfers before breaking flights. Golfers are then ordered from lowest to high handicap and flights are cut up from there.

You can withdraw by emailing Tour Commissioner Travis Salkowski at [email protected].

  • You can be issued a refund or Tour credit if it is before pairings are announced.
  • If it is after the first announcement of pairings, you can only be given a Tour credit.
  • If it is after the second announcement of pairings or you no-show, you will receive neither a refund nor credit.

Please follow up if you have not received a confirmation email in 2 business days. Without a confirmation, your credit or refund was likely not processed.

  • Unfortunately not, the only thing that you cannot use ACGT gift cards for, is tournament registration(s).
  • You may use another Golfer Handicapping System or an average 18 hole score in your first ACGT Am Tour Event. The ACGT Am Tour will use this handicap to properly place you within a Tour Flight. Following continual Tour Play, The ACGT Am Tour uses its own proprietary handicapping formula. TOURNAMENT SCORES ONLY are recorded for two years, plus the current season. This creates a TOUR ONLY AVERAGE. This average is subtracted from Par, and calculated at 80%. This "Tour Average Index" is then converted to the golf courses rating/slope, to create a COURSE HCAP for each specific golfer.
  • This handicap formula is NOT USGA TRANSFERABLE. Meaning, it is only used on The ACGT Am Tour.
  • The Tour will use 80% of your unverified index or average score to calculate a "like average" for flight placement. Must have two scores in the database to be eligible for NET prizes. Your first score plus the 80% number, averaged together, will be used for the golfer’s 2nd Tour event.
  • The cut line represents the top 50 golfers, who are invited to the season-ending playoffs.
  • The South Texas Match Play Challenge is a Ryder Cup-style event played against Houston every year. The ACGT Tour season generates 6 of the players for the ACGT Tour team and the other 10 are generated in the playoffs.
  • Skins are gross within your own flight. CTP is full field. Cash only and cash payouts.
  • The ACGT Am Tour will notify players, via email and Facebook in real-time, about any delays or rescheduling. The ACGT Am Tour will plan for safety and playability. The player needs to plan for uncomfortable. Extremely heavy rain or electricity in the air will be some items that would reschedule an event. In the event of a reschedule or cancelation, transfer of funds or refunds will be given. In the event that a player doesn't show up, due to weather, of their own accord; no refund or credit will be given.
  • The ACGT Tour is run and operated by PGA Professional Travis Salkowski and a team of volunteer Tour Ambassadors, who all have other full-time jobs outside of the Tour. Responses may come early in the morning or late in the evening. Please allow 2 business days for responses before following up with another email. We miss emails, it happens, but we try our best.
  • It is your responsibility to be at the first tee 5 minutes prior to your tee time. If you are late, you will be stroked in accordance to the rules of golf, then DISQUALIFIED. If you are on the "To Pay" list, please allow yourself an extra 10 minutes to check in with the PRO SHOP and pay your entry fee. Entry fees are not paid to the Tour on tournament days, only the pro shop.
  • The ACGT Am Tour is not a league, it is a Tour that follows all USGA and R&A rules of golf. The committee may enact Local Rules that are permitted by the rules of golf, but no unsanctioned rules modifications are allowed or enacted.
  • The ACGT Am Tour does not enact the new 2019 Local Rule allowing you to drop in the fairway. Balls hit out of bounds MUST be re-hit for a stroke and distance penalty.
  • The rules committee names are printed on the rules sheet at every event.