The Alamo City Golf Trail consists of eight golf facilities and my job is to keep them running and fill the courses with golfers.  Repeatedly, we have told our golf staffs that every tee time is a valuable commodity.  The staff works diligently on identifying no shows, short shows, and trying to fill twosomes to threesomes and threesomes to foursomes.  In our world, one of the worst things that can happen is sending three consecutive twosomes off the first tee.  Why?  1) Because you have used three tee times for just six individuals and 2) They are going to play much faster and want to move through any foursomes that teed off ahead of them.  Have you ever been in a nice foursome when singles and twosomes push you to play through even though your pace of play is four hours or less?  Brutal!

Another frustrating event at a course is when we have a single wanting to play and a group of three refuses to let them play along.  What’s the deal with that?  If you love golf, you must be aware that rounds have been in decline and hundreds of golf courses have closed due to financial stress.  Only 12% of Americans play golf and we as a community have to begin to realize, for the sake of the game, we need to welcome all the people who want to play golf into our community.  Imagine being that single golfer and how embarrassing it is for him/her to be denied.

Tom Rose is a friend of mine who I met on the third tee of the Eastern Hills Golf Course in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  We were playing in a junior tournament and two kids in his group quit after two holes because they were playing bad.  Our threesome saw him on that bench, and asked him to join us.  That was in 1964 and he is still one of my closest friends on earth today.  We have played hundreds of rounds of golf together.

 I will now get off my soapbox, but did you know:

The Alamo City Golf Trail has a single golfer club and we hold tee times every weekend for those individuals that are looking for a game.  This is how it works:  our staff member Ryan Bell holds a couple of times every Saturday and Sunday for single golfers.  He sends a group of interested singles an email every week relating what the times are and who is interested.  They send him an email saying they would like to be part of such in such time, and he sets it up.  It works very well and we have as many as sixteen golfers a weekend day sign up.  Those who have participated in it, love it.  If you might be interested in this program send Ryan a note at

Thanks for listening. Good weather is around the corner so let’s get ready to play more golf.