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Hands on Golf Fest: Integrating Strength and Speed Training with Golf Training: March 20-21, 2018: $599 with Craig Brown, Michael Romatowski, and 1996 Valero Texas Open Champion David Ogrin

Hands on Golf Fest 2018: Integrating Strength and Speed Training with Golf Training

March 20-21, 2018

Two days of hands on training where Craig Brown, Michael Romatowski, and 1996 Valero Texas Open Champion David Ogrin take you through how we transfer gym training to golf training.

This is a hands on event. No lectures.  Just doing.

$599 for the two day event.

This is for golf coaches who want another tool to help players get better.  This is for trainers who want to understand more how the gym translates to the practice tee and the golf course.  This is for golfers who want to train both in the gym and on the course.

San Antonio is a wonderful destination.  All events will be at San Pedro Golf Academy or Olmos Basin Golf Course are just 2 miles from San Antonio International Airport.  There are a lot of good hotels and great food.

Tentaive Schedule: subject to change

DAY ONE                     Tuesday March 20
8am-9am                    Before Testing
9am-11am                  Tathata Golf Fitness with Michael Romatowski
                                    Interactive Workout
-          The 12 Basic Moves
-          Stretches, modified to a standing position
-          Why Tahata is great for beginners
-          How to implement Tathata at your club
-          Tahata Short Game Drills
11am-12pm                Small Strikes with David Ogrin
12pm-1pm                  LUNCH
1pm-2:30pm               ROTEX Motion with Michael Romatowski
                                    Interactive Workshop
-          How ROTEX addresses hip and shoulder issues
-          Complete run-through of a ROTEX full body routine
-          Before and After photos
2:30-3pm                    Intro to Speed Training with Michael Romatowski
Interactive Demo
-          The Speed Chain
-          The NOS chain
-          How intention creates technique
3pm-4pm                    Playing with Intention with David Ogrin
4pm-5pm                    After Testing

DAY TWO                    Wednesday March 21
8am-9am                    Before Testing
9am-10:30am                  Speed Training with Michael Romatowski and Craig Brown
                                    Interactive Workout
-          Full speed training circuit
-          Battle ropes, med balls, and homemade chain tools
-          Workout style, including pace, duration, and managing fatigue
-          How to stage hitting intervals
-          Recording average speed and top speed
-          Goal setting and continuous improvement
10:30am-12:00pm        Strength Training with Craig Brown and Michael Romatowski
                                    Interactive Workshop
-          Organizing the training year
-          Periodization schedules
-          Supporting your golfers’ tournament schedules
-          Indispensable exercises for mobility, strength, and stability
12:00pm-1:00 pm          LUNCH
1:00 - 3:00 pm               Golf Shots with David Ogrin
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm         Final Testing

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm         Open Discussion