Frequently Asked Questions

I just purchased or renewed my Players Club Membership, can I switch to the new Gimme Program?

If you purchased or renewed your Players Club Membership between September 1, 2014 – October 31, 2014 you may pay the difference to switch to the equivalent GIMME level. Players Club Membership cards and punch cards must be returned in order to switch. Used punches will be subtracted from new GIMME punch card.

How does the Payment Plan work?

Member makes initial down payment of $100 and 3 monthly payments of $100. Payments will process on the 25th of the month. Punch Cards will become available once membership is paid in full. Punch cards are not made available until membership is paid in full and will be mailed once final payment is processed.

How does the early tee time reservation with Gimme 3 work?

A GIMME 3 member can make tee times up to 8 days in advance which is 1 day earlier than the general public. You must call in to make a tee time and only 1 tee time can be reserved per member.

I am a Platinum Member can I make tee times 8 days in advance?

No, this service is only available to GIMME 3 members as this is our signature program and offers the most benefits.

Can I upgrade my membership?

The only way to upgrade from one GIMME level to another is to pay for the new membership in full. You will not be able to just pay the difference between the two memberships. If you upgrade, you will get the full benefits of your new level for a full year from your new date of purchase. Your previous punch card will still be valid until its original date of purchase.

I am a current level 1 member, can I buy a Gimme 1?

Yes, we will allow anyone who has a membership purchased before November 1st, 2014 to buy into the new GIMME program. If you have purchased it from September 1st, 2014 through October 31st, 2014 you can switch over for no charge. Your punch card will be switched at and the corresponding number that you have already used will be subtracted from your new card. If you are outside of that 60 day window you can purchase a GIMME 1 at anytime. You will not be allowed to purchase more than one GIMME 1 membership per year. Your punch card from your Level 1 membership will still be valid until the original expiration date.

Can I use my Gimme 1 Punch Card at Brackenridge Park Golf Course or Cedar Creek Golf Course?

Yes, there will be a “punch exchange” charge if you decide to use it at Brackenridge or Cedar but you do have the option of doing this. At Brackenridge the punch exchange rate is $20 plus the cart and at Cedar the exchange rate is $10 plus the cart.

Can I use my Gimme 1 Punches at one course?

Yes, the GIMME 1 punch card is designed to be used at any of the following courses: Mission Del Lago, Olmos Basin, Riverside or Willow Springs. You can use all 6 punches at one course or spread them around as you see fit.

For my 10 round punch card that I get with Gimme 3, is there any cost associated with those rounds when I redeem them?

No, the 10 rounds associated with the GIMME 3 card will not cost you anything when you redeem them, the cart fee is included.

Can I use my Gimme 3 Punch Card on the weekends?

Yes, the 10 rounds can be used anytime at any course regardless of time or day.

How does the Handicap System work?

Initially you will need to fill out a form to activate your “Handicomp” account. From there you can post scores online using your smartphone or personal computer. The system will track all sorts of stats for you and will be a useful tool to help you improve your golf game.

How does the Gimme 3 Guest Card work?

GIMME 3 members will get an additional punch card that is good for 12 guest rounds for $25 each. These rounds can be used at any course and are valid Monday thru Thursday.

What is the cart fee with my Gimme 1 Punch Card?

The cart fee will now be $12 for punch card rounds.

What will be my new rates with the Gimme 2 Membership?

At Brackenridge and Cedar Creek Monday-Wednesday the rate will increase from $25 to $27. At Mission del Lago, Olmos Basin, Riverside and Willow Springs: the green fee will now be $17 (was $15). For non-senior/military the rate will now be $29 with cart 7 days a week. For Senior/Military Mon-Fri the rate will be $22 with cart, on Saturday and Sunday the rate will now be $25 with cart.