2019 ACGT Tour ~ Spring EVENT #1
Brackenridge Park GC  ~ 1/13/19

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Double points + Bonuses

add 50 pts to 1st place gross & 45pts to 1st place net

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The ACGT Tour is proud to announce Mr. Rooter San Antonio as The 2019 ACGT Tour Presenting Sponsor!
This partnership will officially re-launch for The 2019 ACGT Tour Season,  this weekend @ Brackenridge Park.
Jerry Mulder & Mr. Rooter are partnering with The ACGT Tour and are looking
forward to providing quality & professional service for all of your plumbing needs, 24 HOURS a DAY !!!
Thank you for your participation in The 2019 ACGT Tour Season Kickoff.
The First Event of The 2019 Regular Season is upon us!
The race for a Tour Championship and a coveted spot on The 2019 South Texas Match Play Team begins NOW!!!!
106 Golfers in 3 Flights! 
Brackenridge Park is in great winter condition and will provide an excellent tournament atmosphere for the First Event of 2019!
Shaping up to be a dramatic weekend full of great golf!!!
2-Person 666  
Holes 1-6 Best Ball
7-12 Scramble
13-18 Modified Alt. Shot 
This event is a DOUBLE POINTS EVENT!
Every spot in the point standings reflects onto your starting position in the playoffs.
A1 8:45 AM Alex Zertuche 0.0 Blake Martinez 0 0.0 TO PAY
A2 8:45 AM Mark Miller -0.3 Michael Freeman Jr 1.4 1.1 TO PAY
A3 8:54 AM Jeff Young 5.4 Steve Landry -1.6 3.8 TO PAY
A4 8:54 AM Ben Carriker 4.0 Jerry Wilton 0 4.0 TO PAY
A5 9:03 AM Chad Jones 5.6 Scott Trido 0 5.6 TO PAY
A6 9:03 AM Sean Vidal 3.0 Luke LeGrand 3.6 6.6 TO PAY
A7 9:12 AM Justin Pierce 2.0 Sean Johnson 6 8.0  
A8 9:12 AM Bob Hullender 4.5 Rusty Marshall 4.3 8.8 TO PAY
A9 9:21 AM Casey Graham 6.2 Jonathan Aken 2.8 9.0  
A10 9:21 AM Patrick DiCosimo 1.1 Bubba Gelabert 8 9.1  
A11 9:30 AM Dan Aguilar 10.8 Aaron Flores -0.8 10.0 TO PAY
A12 9:30 AM Barry Menick 7.6 Brandi Jo  Newman 2.6 10.2  
A13 9:40 AM Chris Dingman 8.8 Tommy Norris 2 10.8 TO PAY
A14 9:40 AM Ruben Caraveo 8.4 Dustin Weldon 3.7 12.1 TO PAY
A15 9:50 AM Jeff  Kueker 6.1 Russell Hartman 7 13.1 TO PAY
A16 9:50 AM Jeff Vexler 6.0 Bryan Sethney 8 14.0  
A17 10:00 AM David Muriel 6.4 Mark Trevino 8.2 14.6 TO PAY
A18 10:00 AM James Oaks 6.8 Jose Morales 9 15.8  
B1 10:10 AM Mark Riser 11.0 Cooper New  5 16.0 TO PAY
B2 10:10 AM Jesse Allen 7.1 Chris Palacios 8.9 16.0 TO PAY
B3 10:20 AM John Fitzgerald 4.7 Reagan Orr 12.2 16.9  
B4 10:20 AM michael campbell 11.6 Dave Davlin 6.4 18.0  
B5 10:30 AM Dan South 7.1 Barry Gooden 11.1 18.2 TO PAY
B6 10:30 AM Chris campbell 11.8 Claudia Ramirez 6.6 18.4 TO PAY
B7 10:40 AM Jason Bird 10.9 Mike Dermanuelian 8.1 19.0  
B8 10:40 AM Wolfgang Avery 8.8 Jerry Mulder 10.2 19.0 TO PAY
B9 10:50 AM Lorenzo Gomez 8.0 Thomas  Fuhst 11.3 19.3 TO PAY
B10 10:50 AM Lee Mull 13.2 Jamie Ryan 7.1 20.3 TO PAY
B11 11:00 AM CJ Serna 9.2 Doug Calkins 11.7 20.9 TO PAY
B12 11:00 AM Alfredo Zapata 15.4 Jerry Farias 5.6 21.0  
B13 11:10 AM Mario Martinez 6.4 Zeke Martinez 14.7 21.1  
B14 11:10 AM Ray Martinez 7.9 Allen Crowder 13.4 21.3 TO PAY
B15 11:20 AM Michael Freeman Sr 15.7 Daniel Killian 6.8 22.5 TO PAY
B16 11:20 AM Roger Arguijo 13.0 Chuck Rosales 9.5 22.5  
B17 11:30 AM Dale Garcia 14.0 Robert Watkins 9.1 23.1  
B18 11:30 AM Ubaldo Elguea 12.0 Rene Uballe 11.4 23.4  
C1 11:40 AM Sam Braswell 17.6 Andrew  Braswell 7.1 24.7  
C2 11:40 AM Chris Hughes 10.9 Steve Robert 14 24.9  
C3 11:50 AM Jack Higgenbotham 12.3 Bryan Murphy 13.2 25.5 TO PAY
C5 11:50 AM Scott Cunningham 10.2 Carlos Gomez 16 26.2  
C6 12:00 PM Dustin Hassan 5.5 Jason  Cross 20.8 26.3 TO PAY
C4 12:10 PM Rene Realme 12.8 James Kohnert 15.2 28.0 TO PAY
C7 12:10 PM Trey Tollette 13.7 Tony Kaman 14.4 28.1  
C8 12:00 PM Rick Hohensee 17.3 Richard Lopez 12 29.3 TO PAY
C9 12:20 PM Kent Simnitt 10.6 David Falconier 19.3 29.9 TO PAY
C10 12:20 PM John Tirey 17.1 Ronald Tatsch 12.8 29.9 TO PAY
C11 12:30 PM Anthony Verastigui 14.5 Jim Zitterkopf 15.8 30.3 TO PAY
C12 12:30 PM Michael Allen 16.2 Bryan Blalock 16 32.2  
C13 12:40 PM Gerald Pineda 14.3 Dennis Rehkop 18.5 32.8  
C14 12:40 PM Brent Park 20.4 Bryan Wogrin 12.5 32.9 TO PAY
C15 12:50 PM Gordon Cox 11.8 Alan McFarland 21.3 33.1 TO PAY
C16 12:50 PM Michael Montgomery 15.0 Charles Holden 18.6 33.6  
C17 1:00 PM Michael Martinez 13.7 Daniel Kershner 20 33.7  
C18 1:00 PM Joe Workman 22.5 Mark Grabiec 14 36.5  
C19 1:10 PM Matthew Gamez 18.1 Kevin Vasquez 19.2 37.3  

Championship Flight Men: Black ACGT Tour Tees
First & Second Flight Men: Blue ACGT Tour Tees
Senior Tee Box Advantage: All golfers over the age of 62 will play from the WHITE TEE BOXES in every flight.  
* SAN PEDRO DRIVING RANGE will open @ 7am on SUNDAY MORNING for ALL of your WARM UP Needs!
Golf Genius is a real time scoring app to enhance the tournament atmosphere of The ACGT Tour.
Each Golfer will receive a separate email with specific directions for Golf Genius
Please take the time, in advance of your tee time, to download the GOLF GENIUS APP from the app store on your smartphone. 
Each foursome will get a tutorial on how to use golf genius prior to your tee time. 
The ACGT Tour will continue to use paper scorecards as THE OFFICIAL SCORECARD
Prizes To Be Awarded   Team Prize Individual Prize
In Each Flight 1st Place Gross  $       181.67  $                         90.83
  2nd Place Gross  $       111.00  $                         55.50
  3rd  Place Gross  $         75.67  $                         37.83
    Team Prize Individual Prize
  1st Place Net  $       171.67  $                         85.83
  2nd Place Net  $       101.00  $                         50.50
  3rd Place Net   $         65.67  $                         32.83
  36 Place Winners 35% of field receives prizes
1st Place          100pts (95ptsNet)
2nd Place         90pts (85pts Net)
3rd Place         80pts (75pts Net)
4th Place         70pts (65pts Net)
5th Place         60pts (55pts Net)
6th Place         50pts (45pts Net)
7th Place         45pts (40pts Net)
8th Place         40pts (35pts Net)
9th Place         35pts (30pts Net)
2019 USGA RULES IN EFFECT (Recommend downloading 2019 USGA RULES APP)
Official Skins & CPT's
There will be a $20/Person Skins competition within each flight. GROSS FOR ALL FLIGHTS
There will be a $10/Person Closest to Pin Contest within the entire field. *****NEW FORMAT
Both of these additional opportunities are optional and available @ The Registration Area. 
All holes will have a published distance at start of tournament.
All prizes will be published but not with the accompanying holes.
After All Play has started, Prizes will be randomly selected for each hole.
This new BLIND format with published yardages, will , create a more fair playing from across the flights and more participation. 
PAR 3 Approximate Yardages:
Hole #2 - 150 yds
Hole #8 - 175 yds
Hole #10 - 180 yds  
Hole #18 - 150 yds  
The ACGT Tour is proud to announce Mr. Rooter San Antonio as The 2019 ACGT Tour Presenting Sponsor!
This partnership will officially re-launch for The 2019 ACGT Tour Season,  this weekend @ Brackenridge Park.
Jerry Mulder & Mr. Rooter are partnering with The ACGT Tour and are looking
forward to providing quality & professional service for all of your plumbing needs, 24 HOURS a DAY !!!
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NEW ****  2019 - Pace of Play Rule:
•There will be 5 Checkpoints on each golf course After Holes #3, #6, #9, #12, #15
The Tee Time Group may be advised of their pace of play position at any location on the course
If a Tee Time Group falls out of position, they can only be “Put on the Clock” & warned @ one of the checkpoint locations.  (1 or more Holes Behind)
The entire Tee Time Group is put on the clock, Not ONE Individual.
The entire Tee Time Group has until the following checkpoint to “Regain Position”.
At the next checkpoint location, if the entire Tee Time Group has failed to regain position, THE ENTIRE GROUP IS PENALIZED, and is continued on the clock until the next checkpoint. In extreme cases, The Committee may choose to penalize ONLY THE INDIVIDUAL.
Ø First offense – One stroke     Ø Second offense – Two strokes      Ø For subsequent offense – Disqualification
2019 - Handicap Index Guidelines:
We would like to continue to make this TOUR as competitive and enjoyable as possible, while providing a fair and equitable opportunity for players of all skill levels to compete. The integrity of our TOURevents is important to us and our participants, and the following requirements have been put in place...

A verifiable ACGT Tour handicap index will be used. This index is the total average of all individual golfers ACGT Tour Scores. This index will take preference over GHIN or any other handicap indexes. If you do not have a Tour handicap index, you are still eligible to compete in the Tour Event. The ACGT Tour will put you into a flight based on 80% of your USGA Verified Handicap Index or an Average Score. The ACGT Tournament Committee will record all tournament scores into the NEW Tour Handicap Database which is available for public viewing now at Handicap Database. Two ACGT Tour Scores are needed to create a ACGT Tour Handicap Index. The ACGT Tour will kepp 2 years plus the current season on file to use as a tournament index. 
In addition to the tighter ACGT Tour Index Guidelines above, The following Handicap Adjustments Explanation will also pertain to Tour Events: 

USGA Section 9 Handicap Competitions Rule States: The committee may, in an exceptional individual case, modify a player's handicap before or between rounds of a competition.
In the event that a ACGT Tour golfer shoots an exceptional tournament score on any event date and requires handicap adjustment for the Next day of, or next Event, the following formula will be used. (3 shots or better below their handicap) In these cases, the amount of shots below your course allowance was divided by two and subtracted from your Handicap. For example, if you shot 3 shots below your handicap, or a 68, 1.5 strokes was deducted from your previous handicap. That becomes your index for the next round/event. However........The ACGT Tour Handicap & rules committee will track these golfers. If any adjusted golfer shoots above his unadjusted handicap, HE WILL RECEIVE the unadjusted index value. The ACGT Tour will strive to protect the integrity of the handicap process for the rest of the 2018 Tour Season &  Playoffs.