2016 State of the Trail



Decade of change and restoration

Surprisingly, when the month of May rolls around, the Alamo City Golf Trail (ACGT) will reach its tenth anniversary operating the Municipal golf courses for the City of San Antonio. Thanks to a supportive City Hall, a dedicated Board of Directors, scores of enthusiastic and devoted staff members, and an accommodating golfing public, the citizens of San Antonio can be proud of their eight facility Municipal golf system.

The improvements have been many: the award winning remodel of Historic Brackenridge Golf Course; five new irrigation systems and a major remodel of the sixth; indoor and outdoor restroom refurbishment; tree planting; cart paths; tee remodels; and more have added enjoyment to the Municipal golfer of San Antonio. Our golf cart fleets and our greens maintenance equipment have been upgraded every three years. The addition of Northern Hills golf club 13 months ago, has positioned the Alamo City Golf Trail courses in all quadrants of the City.

The Tournament Trail Series, powered by ACGT PGA professional Travis Salkowski, is a one of a kind tournament series that brings affordable competitive golf to hundreds of San Antonio golfers. The Trail hosts over 55 Groups & Associations who band together for weekly golf events and, the ACGT commitment to junior golf is remarkable. Our golf courses provide tee times to 46 high school and middle school programs, 4 colleges play and practice on our facilities, and we annually host over 75 junior events at our courses. Historic Brackenridge Park is home of the Texas Golf Hall of Fame.

Over $5,500,000 million dollars will be spent this fall and winter on two special projects at our courses. Eight new pedestrian and golf cart bridges will be installed at Olmos Basin and five new bridges at Willow Springs. The bridges should make the courses safer and allow us to get back on the courses sooner after one of our “too frequent” rain events.

The complete remodel of the San Pedro Par three golf course and driving range will be one of our most special projects. Our vision of this transformation is to make San Pedro a “Top Golf” for the more serious golfer. The highlights include a completely remodeled and lighted par three golf course, an expanded tee line with multiple target greens to hit to, an eight bay covered hitting station that will feature the newest golf technologies, and a new 5000 square foot clubhouse that will feature a full bar and restaurant and a golf simulator for leagues and golf club fittings.

Our ACGT Players Club was initiated in 2008 and has provided an affordable golf experiences for over 25,000 San Antonio golfers. Our operating philosophy has always been to provide the best possible golf conditions at the lowest possible prices. The Players Club has been the instrument to execute this philosophy and we are thankful for all of you who have participated. Our “Gimme Members” will play over 40,000 free rounds this year using their punch cards.

It has been exciting and challenging to work for the Alamo City Golf Trail during this decade of change and restoration. One of our goals has been to make the Municipal Golf System in San Antonio one of the top Municipal golf programs in the country. More work is needed! We want to continue to improve and be more consistent with our playing conditions, we need to upgrade our clubhouses and parking lots, and our service levels and pace of play program can be improved. Cart paths need to be replaced, a new irrigation system at Northern Hills is needed, and we want to continue our commitment to junior golf.

For these reasons and more, we have decided to revamp our Players Club Program and our pricing model for the golf courses. After studying our round counts in all the various categories, and listening to our Players Club members, we will be revamping the entire Players Club Program and our pricing schedule for the 2017 golf season (beginning October 1, 2016).

The basics of the new program are as follows: 1) Cedar Creek, Olmos Basin, Northern Hills, Willow Springs, Riverside, and Mission del Lago will all be priced the same. This equates to a seven-dollar decrease in price at Cedar and Northern Hills and a two-dollar increase at the others. All Players Club members will receive a five-dollar discount plus loyalty points on all rounds played. 2) The six free round punch card will be eliminated. 3) The membership tiers will be streamlined 4) A special incentive will be given to all Level 2 and Level 3 members who renew their memberships. 5) No changes to existing Gimme members until it is your time to renew.

We intend to roll-out all the details of the new program in a few weeks. The staff and our Board of Directors have made a concerted effort to assure our patrons that the overall pricing of the new program will be similar for our most frequent golfers. We hope that the standardizing of the pricing schedule will attract more casual, less frequent golfers. We think the new program is less confusing and, with your help, assures continued improvement to all of our ACGT facilities. We thank you for your tremendous support and ask for your continued patronage in the future. Your comments are certainly welcome.

Jim Roschek, PGA
President & CEO
Alamo City Golf Trail

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  1. Steph on September 28, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    (Our vision of this transformation is to make San Pedro a “Top Golf” for the more serious golfer. ) Wow sound awesome! I’d love to see the swing path and trajectory of my shot to help improve my game. When is the expectation for a completion date? Can’t a reopening!

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