100th Anniversary of Brackenridge Park Golf Course

23515556950_84db96235e_kBrackenridge Park Golf Course is named after George W. Brackenridge, who donated over 100 acres of land to the city 1899. Brackenridge’s wish was for the City of San Antonio to use the land to create a park for the enjoyment of residents and others. The golf course sits on 113 acres within the donated land.

Before donating the acreage, G.W. Brackenridge founded the San Antonio National Bank and became its president in 1866. In 1868, he built his mother a beautiful home near the San Antonio River that still stands to this day and is known as Brackenridge Villa. A businessman, philanthropist, and education advocator, Brackenridge was also the owner of the San Antonio Water Works Company and continued to contribute to the development of San Antonio and Austin, Texas. He served on the University of Texas’s Board of Regents and still holds the record for the longest term of service as a regent (1886-1911).

Fun fact: Throughout his life, Brackenridge was an advocate for women’s suffrage and women’s educational opportunities. He died on the same year that Congress ratified the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote.